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New Comic?

2011-08-05 13:42:26 by theAGENTdarkbooty

Okay guys, I've been brainstorming about a new comic idea for awhiiiilllllleeeeee and I finally came up with one! It'll be called a boy and his sasquatch :D If any body would wanna team up I'm down!

OH!!! one mo thanggggg! Would anybody wanna do artswap? I think it'd FUN!

Okay well if you're interested in either... HIT ME UPPPPPPP!!!!!

New Comic?

Hello!! My name is Josh Carter and I <3 Newgrounds! Been a fan for while and decided hey! lets put some shitttttt up hur! I wanna get into animation..... butttttttt too poor to afford good software. Hahaha. I'll be posting A LOT of cartoony shiz nit soooo check it out! and feel free to scout me!!! I would love that! I've been going crazy drawing... so this will help me better waste my time!

WELCOME NEWGROUNDIANS..... NEWGROUNDERS? ... People on Newgrounds!!!